STORMTECH H2XTREME™ uses cutting edge technology to provide maximum protection from the elements.


Fabrics are rendered impervious to water by having a microporous membrane bonded to the interior panel of the outshell fabric.
Like the pores of one's skin, rain drops cannot penetrate through – but perspiration vapour readily escapes.


The H2XTREME™ collection ensures waterproof protection of AT LEAST 5,000 mm. This means that if all of the rain drops hitting
your jacket could stack on top of each other – they would have to stack up to at least 5 meters before the water could exert enough
pressure to soak through and get you wet!



STORMTECH's H2XTREME™ Technology also provides maximum breathability – of up to 10,000 g/m²/24hr. This factor ensures
that the garment allows perspiration vapour to readily escape, and provides maximum comfort and dryness for the wearer.


All STORMTECH H2X™ & H2XTREME™ jackets are rated in terms of their breathability and waterproof protection, to help you select
the jacket that best suits your needs.